Biobest Laboratories Ltd


Mastitis is one of the most significant health and welfare problems in UK dairy herds costing the individual farmer and the dairy industry every year in lost milk, increased labour on farm, medicine, decreased fertility and increased culling. With these costs in mind Biobest offer Bactoproof, a mastitis diagnostic test with a quicker turnaround time and greater accuracy than the other bacteriology tests currently available.  It uses quantitative real time PCR to identify the bacteria involved. It has significant advantages over the existing method of identifying the cause of mastitis by culture.

Sending samples

Send a milk tube with suitable preservative in a secure, rigid container along with a completed bovine milk submission form (available for download here).  Testing is run on Tuesdays and Thursdays with results available on the same day for all samples received before 9am.  Sample submission kits are available on request.  If you would like to request a kit or have further questions, contact us at

Technical sheet

For more information on testing and the pathogens detected you can download our technical sheet here.