Biobest Laboratories Ltd


Mastitis is one of the most significant health and welfare problems in UK dairy herds costing the individual farmer and the dairy industry every year in lost milk, increased labour on farm, treatment cost, decreased fertility and increased culling. With this cost in mind Biobest have taken the opportunity to introduce BactoproofTM, a mastitis diagnostic test with a quicker turnaround time and greater accuracy than the bacteriology tests currently available.

Using quantitative real time PCR to identify the bacteria involved, the BactoproofTM service consists of a single sample kit, laboratory diagnostics and online reporting of results with the option of summary results by text. Results are available within 24-48 hours of sampling, subject to the delivery time of the sample.

Advantages of this new test:

  • Speed of results - the test is performed 2 times per week meaning results are available within 24-48 hours of sampling
  • Precise identification of pathogens causing 99% of mastitis cases in a single test
  • Identifies sensitivity or resistance of staphylococcus to penicillin
  • Results reflect situation at time of sampling
  • Significantly less (>40% less) "no growth" results
  • Provides quantitative comment
  • Unaffected by antimicrobials allowing for treatment efficacy to be assessed

biobest bactoproof mastitis test