Biobest Laboratories Ltd

Biobest ClinPath

In October 2011, Biobest Laboratories launched a clinical pathology service to supplement our existing, well-established, infectious disease testing service. The clinpath service offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic disciplines in all species.

Biobest ClinPath aims to provide an independent, client orientated quality service providing:

  • Analytical accuracy, speed and reliability
  • Access to a clinical pathologist to discuss cases
  • Result interpretation
  • Provision of information rich, jargon free reports
  • Flexibility to suit individual practice needs
  • Value for money

Samples can be submitted by a variety of routes including pre-paid samples boxes. We have also set up a courier run in central and southern Scotland – please let us know if you are interested in being added to our daily run.

We can provide a variety of sample submission tubes and containers free of charge.

If you have any questions about the service, please contact us on 0131 440 2628 or via e-mail.