Biobest Laboratories Ltd

Cell Culture

Cell culture is a core strength at Biobest, and provides the technical base for most downstream assays in virology and serology.


Our current cell culture suite is maintained under constant positive pressure, and is equipped with Class ll biological safety cabinets, fridges, freezers and incubators with and without CO2 atmospheres. A cell banking system uses two liquid nitrogen tanks, maintained in separate rooms for added security.


Cell culture is managed on a day-to-day basis by a cell culture manager who reports directly to the Chief Operations Officer. A number of staff are trained to work in the unit, many of whom are graduate scientists and have been trained at the European Collection of Cell Cultures at CAMR, Salisbury. Our team has a vast experience in many aspects of cell culture including primary cell culture, stem cell culture, continuous cell culture, hybridoma production, mycoplasma screening and prepration of cell therapies.


All routine cells are cultured without the use of antibiotics, using a variety of media with additives and serum-free media as appropriate. All cells are tested for the presence of Mycoplasma contamination by both fluorescent Hoechst stain and PCR. We have many mammalian cell lines, semi-continuous cell lines from cattle, primary cells from various species prepared as appropriate, and murine hybridomas. We also propagate equine bone marrow-derived stem cells for a therapeutic use.

Cell culture performance tests

Tests for cloning efficiency, plating efficiency and growth promotion of serum batches are performed on behalf of a commercial client.