Biobest Laboratories Ltd

Reagent Sales

Biobest have both the expertise and facilities to produce a wide range of virological reagents for the pharmaceutical industry and customer laboratories. If you have a specific requirement for a virological or related product, please contact us, and we will do our best to supply it to you. Typical virological reagents we can supply include:

  • Microtitre plates or slides for the detection of antibodies to a wide range of viruses by immunofluorescence or ELISA.
  • Preparations of infectious virus produced to high titre in tissue culture.
  • Lysates of viral antigens for use in ELISAs.
  • Viral antisera, and equivalent control naive sera. These can be raised in a number of species with SPF or gnotobiotic status.
  • Field sera with a known status for a range of pathogens.

As one of only two laboratories in the UK permitted to handle rabies virus, Biobest is also able to supply fully tested naive and positive sera to rabies virus from a variety of species. Inactivated rabies related antigens are also available.

A small selection of our reagents and sampling kits are available here.