Biobest Laboratories Ltd

Stem Cell Services

Biobest are pleased to provide the following stem cell services:

Provision of sampling materials                                      

We can supply all the consumables required for the stem cell process including aspiration kits, transport boxes and instruction sheets. All materials are available from our webshop or can be ordered by contacting the office directly.

MSC Culture

Biobest can isolate and culture stem cells from bone marrow aspirates or adipose tissue. We have offered this service since 2005 and have a success rate of over 95%. There are occasions where cells fail to grow from a sample, this can be due to a number of factors, e.g. contamination of the sample during the aspiration process, samples being held up in transit, certain medication can also affect the cultures. In the rare cases where we fail to get a viable culture we will contact you directly to discuss the problems and will not charge you for the failed culture. A second aspirate can be taken and our success rate from second aspirates is again >95%.

Cryopreservation of Cells

As well as sending stem cell suspensions for implantation we can store cultured cells in liquid nitrogen for future use. In order to ensure safe storage all of our cultures are split between two locations. Cells are held in vessels which are monitored in realtime to ensure optimal storage conditions. Our cryosorage vessles are all alarmed with staff on call 24/7 to deal with any emergencies. If required we can quickly resuscitate the cells from cryostorage and send them out for use, thus preventing the need for further bone marrow aspirates. Bone marrow aspirates can also be taken at the same time as other surgical procedures and stored for use in the event of future injury. Cryopreserved cells can typically be dispatched to a practice for implantation within 7-10 days of resuscitation.

R&D Services

Biobest have significant experience in the isolation and culture of stem cells and would be happy to discuss any R&D projects that could use our expertise.