Biobest Laboratories Ltd

Companion Animal COVID-19 Testing

Biobest are happy to announce we now offer COVID-19 testing for companion animals.  This service is available to both UK and overseas customers.  Our PCR test detects the presence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA on a swab to a high degree of analytical specificity and sensitivity.


Sample Type

Biobest are only able to perform this test on swabs samples.  Both dry and VTM swabs are acceptable, however be aware that both swab types must be returned in a tightly sealed swab tube. 

For both swab types, the swab head must be made of synthetic material (not cotton) and the swab stem must be plastic (not wood).  Gel and charcoal swabs are not acceptable.

Any customer sending non-swab samples (such as faecal or blood samples) will have their sample destroyed without testing and may still incur charges at Biobest’s discretion. 


Packaging Instruction

For the safety of all involved, it is vital that any customer submitting a sample for COVID-19 testing follows our packaging instructions.  Both UK and overseas must comply with the following guidelines:

  • The package must consist of at least three components
    • A primary receptacle (the swab tube)
    • A secondary packaging (a rigid box)
    • An outer packaging (a padded envelope)
    • ‘Biobest Code – PCRCV’ written prominently and legibly on the outer packaging
    • A ‘UN3373 – Biological Substance Category B’ sign, available for download here, must also appear on the outer packaging

Additional packaging requirements apply to overseas samples, which are explained on the submission guidelines page of the Companion Animal COVID-19 Testing Submission Form.


Submission Forms

UK customers should use the UK Companion Animal Submission Form when submitting samples for COVID-19 testing.  Overseas customers must use the Overseas Companion Animal Submission Form.  Both versions contain a cut out UN3373 sign to be attached to the outer packaging of your sample.  Submission forms must be completed in full.



If you have any further questions about COVID-19 testing for companion animals please email