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Biobest Diagnostics offers a range of tests for the diagnosis of infectious disease in cattle, sheep, goatsdogs, cats, horses, pigs, birds and fish with a particular emphasis on virology, DNA testing and serology. As a specialist laboratory with particular expertise in virology and infectious disease we have the skills to develop and use the best available assay technology, rather than relying on manufactured kits. We are also the principal provider of rabies serology tests in Europe, participating in the relevant pet travel schemes.

Our range of tests is made available to vets in the UK and overseas, commercial and public sector general veterinary diagnostic laboratories, the technical service and product support divisions of the pharmaceutical companies and where appropriate direct to animal owners themselves.

Using Biobest Diagnostics gives you:

The best available diagnostic test. Reference tests are performed for both disease diagnosis and proof of immunity for rabies serology and pre-booster checks. Snap tests used by practice laboratories and less specialist laboratories may not always perform to the same high standards.

Expert interpretation on all test results. As a specialist infectious disease laboratory we can guide you through sensitivities, specificities and predictive values of test results and make sure that you get the most from our services.

Fast and efficient service. Diagnostic testing for infectious disease is our job and our passion. We rely on our customers for all our income. Meeting our commitments for test schedules and reporting time from sample receipt to result delivery receives absolute priority within our laboratory.

The best prices. Our virology skills and efficient testing allow us to offer assays at a significant discount to less specialist laboratories without compromising quality.

Diagnostic weekly test schedules can be downloaded here.

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