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Biobest Diagnostics provides specialist Avian DNA sex testing and disease diagnosis services. Our services are available throughout the world to vets or direct to bird owners and breeders. Using Biobest guarantees you:

  • Speed - quickest possible results, as we are the only commercial laboratory actually conducting the tests in the UK. We do not refer samples overseas.
  • Quality - we use the best DNA techniques. We are an established veterinary laboratory with the expertise to advise you on your test results.
  • Ease of use - we provide friendly advice, free sampling kits and the most flexible sampling options (see table below)

The correct procedure for taking a cheek swab for DNA sexing.



The correct procedure for taking feather samples for DNA sexing.



Further Information

TestEgg MembranesMouth SwabsFeatherHeparinised BloodFaecesCloacal SwabTissue at PMPrice

1. There is no published data confirming that blood gives comparable results to faeces or tissue for Chlamydia

2. On occasion it can be difficult to extract quality DNA from mouth swabs

3. There is limited validation on these sample types

Sexing Yes Yes2 Yes Yes Yes £39.00 incl Vat
Chlamydia Yes1 Yes Yes Yes £39.00 incl Vat
PBFD Yes Yes Yes £39.00 incl Vat
Polyomavirus Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes £39.00 incl Vat
Pigeon Circovirus Yes3 Yes3 Yes3 Yes POA

We provide individual certificates with the results of all our avian tests. Advice on the interpretation of our results is always available from our veterinary surgeons. If you supply a fax number we will fax your results to you, otherwise certificates are posted to the address you supply on your submission form.

All our DNA assays were developed in-house by our molecular biology experts. Test specific information for sexing, chlamydia, PBFD, pigeon polyoma & circovirus is available. To find out what your test results mean click here.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.