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What do my test results mean?

Bird Sexing

The sexing report will state whether the sample was found to contain male or female DNA.

Chlamydia PCR

Positive: Bird is shedding chlamydia and may be clinically ill or an asymptomatic carrier. Risk to owner as potential zoonosis.

Negative: Chlamydia not detected in that sample. This does not prove bird is free from chlamydia, and if there is any doubt further samples should be taken at regular intervals.


Positive: Bird is suffering from an acute or chronic PBFDV infection. If the bird is showing typical clinical signs the diagnosis of PBFD is confirmed and the prognosis is poor. If the bird is healthy it should be re-tested after 2 months to confirm whether the infection was transient or the bird is a chronic carrier and dangerous to other birds. Contact with other birds should be avoided during this period.

Negative: No evidence that the bird is suffering from PBFD or is a carrier. If clinical signs are typical of PBFD then the possibility of poor quality sample should be considered and a repeat sample submitted.

Polyomavirus PCR

Positive: Bird is infected with polyomavirus. Not all birds infected with the virus develop clinical disease, so a positive test result must be interpreted in association with the clinical findings

Negative: No evidence that the bird is suffering from Polyomavirus. As for PBFD if clinical signs are typical of polyomavirus disease, the possibility of a poor quality sample should be considered.