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Antibody Detection

Our feline serological tests are most commonly used to assist diagnosis or assess the level of immunity to the pathogen. We also offer rabies serology tests.

Blood Test for Suspect Feline TB

The interferon gamma  test is intended to assist in the diagnosis of suspected feline TB cases. The interferon gamma test can be useful in categorising cats with suggestive lesions appropriately. This in turn can inform decisions as to whether treatment is appropriate and whether it is necessary to report the case to AHVLA (Suspected Bovine TB is a notifiable disease in all mammals). There is also some evidence that the test can be used to monitor treatment, with responses falling in cats in remission.

IMPORTANT - This test is usually only performed on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month.  A minimum of 2ml of heparinised blood should be collected on the Tuesday or Wednesday before the test is run and sent to the laboratory by an overnight service.  Please call Biobest before arranging to collect sample to confirm testing scheduling.  There is a £220 additional charge for testing outwith scheduled testing. Samples must not be chilled as this will interfere with cell viability and test performance.

Feline Coronavirus

We provide a serological testing service for antibodies to feline coronavirus (FCoV) as an aid to the diagnosis of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). The assay is an indirect immunofluorescence test (IIFT), which is recommended as the most specific of the available serological tools. Serum, plasma or fluids are suitable for testing.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

We offer the Indirect immunofluorescence Test (IIFT) for the detection of antibodies to Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) in cat serum or plasma. The IIFT is regarded as the routine assay offering the greatest sensitivity and specificity, and has significantly improved performance over commercially available kit tests. If an ELISA or immunochromatography test is used for initial screening then it is considered best practice to confirm positives in healthy animals and negatives in sick animals by IIFT.


IgG or IgM antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii are detected in serum or plasma by indirect immunofluorescence. This regarded as the best available serological method.


Antibodies to Neospora are detected in serum or plasma by indirect immunofluorescence (IIFT).

Feline Panleukopaenia Virus

We use a IIFT assay for the detection and titration of antibodies to feline panleukopaenia virus in cat serum or plasma.

Feline Herpesvirus and Feline Calicivirus

Antibodies are detected in serum or plasma by Virus Neutralisation Tests.

Assessment of immune status before booster vaccination

There is increasing concern in the veterinary world regarding the over vaccination of cats. The requirement for repeat Herpesvirus, Calicivirus and Panleukopaenia Virus vaccination can be assessed by pre-booster serology. Results certificates are available on request.

Virus/Pathogen Detection

These tests detect the presence or absence of the infectious agent in the sample submitted.

Feline Leukaemia Virus

FeLV antigen positive cells can be detected in heparinised blood samples. Fluorescence is regarded as the most accurate routinely available test.

Feline Parvovirus

Feline parvovirus (panleukopaenia) can be detected in faecal samples by PCR.

Feline Chlamydia and Feline Herpesvirus.

Feline chlamydia and herpes virus can be detected by PCR from nasal, pharyngeal and ocular swabs.

Virus Isolation

A variety of feline viruses may be isolated from swabs, tissues and faecal samples as appropriate. Please contact us for further details and instructions.