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Please contact your vet or the HiHealth Herdcare team for further information.

Biosecurity MeasuresBVDIBRJohne'sLepto.
Farm boundaries must be secure and prevent cattle straying onto or off the property. Nose-to-nose contact over fences should be minimised; for BVD and IBR double fencing with a gap if at least 3m is required. yes yes yes yes
Animals which have strayed off the farm, or come in contact with animals which have strayed onto the farm, must be kept in quarantine and tested as per purchased animals. yes yes yes yes
Purchased cattle must be quarantined unless from a herd of the same health status. Quarantined animals must be kept separate, including separate airspace (for BVD and IBR), drainage and dung storage. They must be tested at the beginning and at the end of an appropriate quarantine period (usually 28 days) before release into the herd. Also cattle which have been to a show or sales should be quarantined on their return (except for Johne's testing). yes yes yes yes
Equipment, trailers and handling facilities which are shared with other herds of lower or unknown health status must be cleaned and disinfected before use by health scheme cattle. Ideally such sharing should be kept to a minimum. yes yes yes yes
Limit farm access to essential personnel and provide protective overalls. Delivery and pickup points should be away from cattle buildings. Where possible drivers should remain in their cabs. yes yes yes yes
Embryos and semen must be from donors of disease-free status. yes yes no no
Use piped water supplies where possible. Prevent access to water that has flowed through another farm. no no yes yes