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Bovine Viral Diarrhoea

A complex disease that interferes with reproduction, reduces calf immunity to other infections, contributes to calf pneumonia and causes mucosal disease. For further information regarding BVD please click here.

Johne's Disease

A chronic, progressive wasting disease. Affected animals lose condition and develop chronic scour. Infection is becoming even more widespread in UK herds and preventative action is recommended. For further information regarding Johne's disease please click here

Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis

Caused by a herpesvirus which results in acute upper respiratory tract disease which can lead to fatal pneumonia. Symptoms may also include abortion, genital disease or milk drop. For further information regarding IBR please click here.

Leptospirosis hardjo

Main symptoms include abortion and birth of weak calves. It is also believed to cause fertility problems and reduced milk yield. For further information regarding Leptospirosis please click here.


A disease caused by the protozoal parasite Neospora Caninum. The most common symptom is abortion, either as individual cases or as 'abortion storms'. For futher information regarding Neospora please click here.

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