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Testing & Sampling Guidelines

Please refer to the relevant disease pages specific instructions for each disease. Please call HiHealth Herdcare if you have any questions. Samples must be collected by your veterinary surgeon, and be accompanied by a sample submission form (including cover sheet) and membership declaration. Please ensure both vet and farmer complete the appropriate sections.Red top tubes (clotted) are suitable for all blood tests including BVD virus (antigen).Milk samples may replace blood samples for some tests in dairy herds. Please contact HiHealth Herdcare to discuss your circumstances.

Table 1: Statistical Sampling for IBR and Leptospirosis Testing:

Table 1 provides the sample size required for each separately managed group within the herd, e.g. for a 100 cow herd with 20 followers, 38 cows should be sampled and 19 of the followers. For numbers of cattle which fall between those in the table, use either the next highest figure in the table, or all the animals in the group, whichever is lower. Note that all breeding bulls should also be tested.

Statistical Sampling for IBR and Leptospirosis Testing
Group SizeSample Size
 10  10
 20  19
 30  24
 40  28
 50  31
 70  34
 100  38
 150  40
 200  42
 300  43
 500  45
 800  45