Biobest Laboratories Ltd

HiHealth Flockcare Team

To contact the HiHealth Herdcare team please email, or call 0131 440 2628 (Edinburgh Office), 01856 878293 (Orkney Office).

Farm Animal Manager

Maggie Carson

Maggie joined Biobest in 2014 as the bovine administrator for the HiHealth Herdcare team, promoted to Deputy Farm Animal Manager in 2016 and subsequently to Farm Animal Manager in 2019. A University of Edinburgh chemistry graduate, she spent a few summers working and travelling in America before taking on her role here at Biobest. Maggie is responsible for the day to day management of the bovine testing; writing reports, ensuring records are kept up to date and preparing accreditation and sales certificates. She also plays an active role in advising new and current members.

Veterinary Staff

Rebecca Mearns, MA VetMB CertSHP MRCVS (Veterinary Adviser)

Rebecca joined Biobest as Senior Veterinary Advisor in 2015 to work within the HiHealth Herdcare cattle team but also with a wider remit to offer advice and expertise across the board on ruminants (cattle, sheep and goats). Prior to her role at Biobest, Rebecca has been a Veterinary Investigation Officer at Penrith Veterinary Investigation Centre, worked in a similar role at SAC Edinburgh and spent several years in general veterinary practice. She is also a member of the Sheep Veterinary Society Committee and the Goat Veterinary Society.