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Brexit and taking pets abroad - UPDATE

As Brexit negotiations continue without any clear sign of a breakthrough, stories about the implications for pet owners have been making the pressYesterday the British Veterinary Association stated pet owners must start making plans now in the case of a no deal scenario.  Association president Simon Doherty went on to warn if pet owners don’t start making preparations now they could face long waits to get their pets approved for travel, a problem compounded by the current shortage of qualified vets in the UK.  This reiterates official government advice from DEFRA who also advised that pet owners looking to take pets abroad after Brexit, to seek advice from their vets now.


The issue is that without a deal, the UK will no longer enjoy the benefits of being members of the EU Pet Travel Scheme, which currently allows dogs, cats and ferrets to travel freely across the EU with their owners.  In this case third country rules would apply to the UK.  These rules would require pets travelling from the UK to any EU country to be able to prove they are effectively vaccinated against rabies.  To do this, animals will have to submit to a rabies antibody titre test at least 30 days after vaccination and no fewer than three months before travel.


Biobest are one of only two laboratories in the UK capable of carrying out rabies antibody titre test.  We offer a standard turnaround time of 5 to 7 days with an express service with a turnaround time of 2 to 3 days.  Our clear and competitive pricing contains no hidden costs and our exceptional customer service team are available to provide support you require.