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Lyme Disease Test kit

As we move into the summer months tick bites become more common for animals and their owners. Lyme disease can be contracted from the bite of an infected tick and can result in very serious long term symptoms, including joint pain and swelling, damage to the heart, nerve damage and neurological issues. Gone are the days when Lyme disease was confined to the Highlands of Scotland. Recent independent research has shown that infected ticks are present throughout the UK, even in some relatively urbanised areas.

Early treatment with antibiotics is critical to a successful outcome, however the biggest challenge for the medical or veterinary practitioner is correct diagnosis. Some patients will present with a ‘bulls eye’ rash, up to half of those infected will not get the rash, other early symptoms are common to a huge variety of illnesses.

Biobest have recently partnered with Pyramid Travel Products to produce a Lyme Disease Test Kit which can be used to test ticks removed from humans or animals for the presence of the causative agent of Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi. These kits can be bought directly from Pyramid Travel Products. The process takes the tick and tests it using real time PCR for the presence of Borrelia DNA, with a results certificate being provided online; usually no more than four working days from dispatch of the tick. If the result is negative no trace of the bacteria associated with Lyme disease have been found, if the result is positive DNA consistent with bacteria which cause Lyme disease have been found, and there is therefore a risk of Lyme disease developing. The test report can then be discussed with a doctor or vet at the earliest opportunity, and can be used as a timely, accurate basis for initiating appropriate treatment and minimising the risk of long term illness. The kits include everything needed to safely remove a tick and send it to Biobest for analysis.