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Biobest offer a highly competitive rabies serology service to customers worldwide. We do not have any hidden charges for our routine rabies service, our all inclusive headline price includes:

  • A standard turnaround time of 5-7 days from sample receipt.
  • A testing certificate which is reviewed and signed by one of our veterinary surgeons.
  • Results expressed as ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ along with an antibody titre in iu/ml.
  • Biobest have been performing rabies testing for many years and we have procedures for dealing with samples which can cause other labs problems. We are confident that we will be able to obtain results for over 99% of samples received. Our standard price includes pre-treatment and retesting of samples which are toxic or contaminated on an initial test.
  • Our veterinary team will be happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding the test or interpretation of your results.

 The test we use at Biobest is the internationally recognised FAVN test (sometimes referred to as the RNATT test).


Under the changes which came into effect 1st January 2012 the UK (and Ireland, Sweden and Malta) fell into line with the EU-wide Pet movement system. This means that for cats/dogs returning to the UK from EU countries and listed “approved” countries after this date there is no requirement for a blood test to be carried out to verify Rabies vaccine effectiveness. There ishowever still a requirement to test pets entering from countries on the “non-approved” country list.

The Biobest veterinary team would encourage pet owners to consider the importance of confirming the effectiveness of vaccination prior to travel. However, we are keen to ensure our clients clearly understand when they need to carry out the blood test under the new regulations.

Please refer to our Biobest Rabies – Changes for 2012 statement and to all the Defra and Irish government links shown below for more information.

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Biobest is the principal provider of rabies serology testing in Europe (for PETS, the Pet Travel Scheme). Biobest provide rabies blood testing services through several general clinical pathology laboratories, and also direct to the veterinary practice.

The Biobest rabies serology testing service is the quickest and most cost effective available. The rabies blood test takes 2 - 3 days and results will normally be available 5-7 days from sample receipt. For urgent samples we also offer a rabies express service.

Download sample forms here in order to send your sample in today (Please note that overseas customers should download the overseas form and paperwork from the menu below).

Biobest rabies serology certificates are accepted by the relevant European Pet Travel Schemes:

Further information regarding testing schedule, disease testing and prices, please follow the links from the menu on the left hand side.

Unfortunately we are no longer able to amend the animal details on the submission form / report if these have been entered incorrectly by the submitting veterinary surgeon. In such cases we will require a new sample to be sent along with new paperwork. This will result in a further testing charge. The only exception will be where a relevant animal health authority requests a change to be made to our certification.