Biobest Laboratories Ltd

Pet Travel Regulations

Under the changes which came into effect 1st January 2012 the UK (and Ireland, Sweden and Malta) fell into line with the EU-wide Pet movement system. This means that for cats/dogs returning to the UK from EU countries and listed “approved” countries after this date there is no requirement for a blood test to be carried out to verify Rabies vaccine effectiveness. There is however still a requirement to test pets entering from countries on the “non-approved” country list.

The Biobest veterinary team would always encourage pet owners to consider the importance of confirming the effectiveness of vaccination prior to travel. However, we are keen to ensure our clients clearly understand when they need to carry out the blood test under the current regulations.

For owners moving animals to countries other than the UK it is vitally important that you confirm the specific requirements for the country you are travelling to. These requirements vary from country to country but each will have specific rules relating to the time of vaccination, time between vaccination and blood sampling, and time between blood testing and travel etc.