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Pet Travel Regulations

For pet owners looking to travel abroad with their pets, it is important to realise that pet travel regulations vary significantly around the world.  Both where you are travelling to and where you are travelling from will impact on the rabies testing requirements for your pets. 


At Biobest we perform rabies FAVN (Fluorescent Antibody Virus Neutralisation) tests, sometimes known as RNATT (Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre Test) which are internationally recognised for purposes of pet travel.  A passing test result will demonstrate to globally recognised standards that a cat or dog has been effectively vaccinated against rabies.


Below is a basic guide to regulations for some of the origin and destination pairings we most frequently receive enquiries about.  It is still critically important that when planning pet travel, owners check the current rabies testing requirements of their destination country along with all other requirements, so as to ensure all goes smoothly.      

Travelling from the UK to the EU

There is currently a great amount of uncertainty for UK pet owners intending to travel to EU countries after January 31st 2020, as a result of Brexit.  At present there is no requirement for blood testing as UK pet owners are covered by the EU Pet Passport Scheme.  There is still no clarity about what will happen after Brexit, meaning the only way UK pet owners can guarantee their pet will be able to travel to EU countries after 31st January 2020 is to get rabies blood test certificate.  We have produced an article on Brexit and pet travel which is available here.


Travelling from the EU to the UK

At present, the UK government has no plans to make changes to requirements for EU pet owners travelling to the UK.  There is therefore no requirement for a rabies blood test certificate.


Travelling from the USA (or other listed country) to the UK

The USA is a listed country for pet travel, meaning that despite not being part of EU Pet Passport Scheme, American pet owners are not required to obtain a rabies blood test certificate prior to travel to the UK.  Listed country status also applies to a number of other non-EU countries including Australia, Canada, Japan and Russia.  A full list of listed countries can be found here.


Travelling from India (or other unlisted country) to the UK

India is an unlisted third country for pet travel meaning Indian pet owners are required to obtain a rabies blood test certificate, prior to travel to the UK.  Unlisted third country status applies to all which do not have listed status and generally reflects a higher prevalence of rabies and/or less robust veterinary and administrative systems.  Other unlisted countries include China (mainland), Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

Travelling from the UK to USA

The USA consider the UK to be a low risk country for rabies and as such do not require rabies blood test certificates for cats and dogs entering the country.  The USA is in line with a number of other non-EU countries including Canada and the UAE.


Travelling from the UK to Japan or Australia

Japan and Australia have strict regulations concerning the importation of pet animals, meaning cats and dogs from the UK need a rabies blood test certificate prior to travel there.  For both countries blood must be drawn between 180 days and 24 months of date of travel.