Biobest Laboratories Ltd

Other Rabies Services

With 20 years experience of working with rabies virus Biobest are uniquely placed to offer a range of other testing and research services:

Slide production:

Biobest can prepare slides of infected cell cultures for use in antibody screening tests. Infected slides are inactivated using an approved process to ensure that there is no risk to end users. We can produce slides (or plates) in any format to meet customer demand and can also include uninfected wells for use as controls.

Inactivation studies:

Biobest have experience in performing assays to determine inactivation of rabies virus by a range of methods. These assays can be useful to determine the effectiveness of disinfectants or chemical inactivation methods. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


As an alternative to the FAVN test Biobest have fully validated the RFFIT test for general serological testing. This test can be particularly useful in research applications.

Wildlife surveys:

Biobest has experience of working with partners to conduct serological surveys in wildlife. As well as testing for antibodies to classical rabies virus we also have validated assays for EBLV-1 and EBLV-2.

Antibody product testing:

The FAVN test utilised by Biobest can also be used to test various products (vaccines and associated products) for potency, stability etc. Our GMP certification covers our rabies testing and enables us to act as a QC laboratory for GMP manufacturing sites.

We are always happy to discuss any research projects which may utilise our unique skill set and facilities. Please do not hesitate to contact our technical team directly to discuss and potential projects.