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Sending Samples - Overseas Customers


Biobest are happy to accept samples for the FAVN / RNATT test from overseas customers. On a daily basis we receive rabies samples from a worldwide client base who can provide testament to the excellent service we provide. Our dedicated office team are always available to provide help and support at each stage of the process.

We are happy to provide comprehensive instructions on how to send samples to us. Full details can be found in our submission pack. This pack includes sample submission forms, submission instructions, payment forms and copies of the necessary import permits. If you have any further questions our dedicated office team will be happy to help. As a result of fluctuations in currency exchange and increasing bank charges to Biobest our overseas prices are updated regularly to reflect price changes. Current prices from 01Jan20 are £67.50 or US $80 per sample.

*In recent months we have been experiencing issues with samples being shipped with FEDEX. A lot of these samples are being held because the paperwork has not been completed correctly and FEDEX are therefore trying to pass import charges on to us. If possible we recommend the use of other couriers, if you have to use FEDEX please ensure that you fill oput the waybill correctly using the inormation on our factsheets as failure to do so may led to delays and Fedex applying additional charges.*

We have a frequently asked questions page which is accessible here.

If your sample is urgent we offer a rabies express service with a guaranteed 2-3 day turnaround. Further details can be found here.

Unfortunately we are no longer able to amend the animal details on the submission form / report if these have been entered incorrectly by the submitting veterinary surgeon. In such cases we will require a new sample to be sent along with new paperwork. This will result in a further testing charge. The only exception will be where a relevant animal health authority requests a change to be made to our certification.

    Checklist of requirements for sending samples:

    - Sample in an appropriate and labelled container

    - Payment: cash, cheque or credit card payment form (Please note that we no longer accept AMEX cards)

    - Submission Form: completed in full by your veterinary surgeon Import licences:

    - Download a copy of both English and Scottish licences and include these in the package Package label. Please note our import permits can only be used for sending canine or feline samples for rabies serology. If you wish to send samples for other testing please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

    - Label the package clearly with the information within the submission instructions

    Other samples

    We would like to remind customers to contact us directly before sending clinical pathology samples from outwith the EU with rabies samples, our standard import permit does not allow us to refer samples on to other laboratories for any testing not performed in-house.

    Salt and Pepper who are heading back to the UK from Qatar.