Biobest Laboratories Ltd

Send Samples

Please print off the appropriate form to send with your sample.

Our mailroom is open 7 days a week, unless otherwise stated, there are no issues sending samples to us on Friday.

Be aware we are not able to accept samples from abortions or stillbirths for testing, with the exception of maternal serology.  For more information click here.

To download a UN3373 image file click here.

To download a copy of Biobest's weekly test schedule click here.

For details of sending samples by our Legal Post please click here.

For our guidelines for packaging your samples please click here.

For our guidelines on submitting respiratory PCR samples please click here.

Please send your sample to:

Biobest Laboratories Ltd
6 Charles Darwin House
The Edinburgh Technopole
Milton Bridge
Nr Penicuik
EH26 0PY

Please find below a sample list of couriers that deliver diagnostic samples including rabies to Biobest*

(*Please note there are other couriers that will deliver samples, the list below is for guidance only)

  • UPS
  • DHL
  • Fed Ex
  • TNT
  • Parcel Force

When sending by courier it should be explained that the sample is for routine diagnostic testing and is non hazardous.